„I hope I am a good dad to my three children (Jemma, Zac and Molly) and a good husband to my wife, Ange; and I work hard to give them things they can enjoy. We are a good team.“

25. Januar 2016 – 10:39

Lest mehr/read more: „The Telegraph“

Jason still has a ­legion of superfans who have stuck by him. “I know them personally,” he says.

16. November 2015 – 08:27

Das aktuelle tolle Interview findet Ihr hier:

A really good interview that Jason recently gave, can be read by clicking on the following link:

Jason Donovan goes back on tour and reveals all about Kylie, fame and drugs

Priscilla-Tour: Kick off und Interview in Manchester

9. Februar 2013 – 07:31

Ein sehr ausführliches und schönes Interview mit Jason zum Musical Priscilla – Queen of the Desert und dessen Kick off in Manchester findet ihr unter folgendem Link:

Cal meets Jason Donovan

Viel Spaß beim Anschauen!

Jason Donovan: I’m very lucky

8. Dezember 2012 – 06:34

Jason Donovan says it’s taken 12 years of hard graft to polish up his tarnished image – just don’t mention the new hair


Ten minutes with Jason Donovan

17. März 2012 – 07:32

The Strictly star tells us about spray tans, sequins and his bromance with Gary Barlow. Lest mehr/read more

Jason Donovan: I’m radical …I sleep naked

14. März 2012 – 05:06

EACH week Betty, the Sun’s Mistress of Modern Manners, pokes her nose into the business of a celebrity. Lest mehr/read more

Jason Donovan: My stint on Strictly Come Dancing stressed me out

12. März 2012 – 11:47

80s star Jason Donovan talks to Metro about wearing thongs on stage, the worst gig he’s ever done and why he took Strictly Come Dancing so seriously.

The only way is up

4. März 2012 – 09:41

The rise and fall (and fall and rise) of Jason Donovan

Swimming with his children and enjoying a glass of champagne

19. November 2011 – 18:29

Champagner oder Wein?

Gary Barlow’s my best mate …

30. September 2011 – 07:51

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