Jason Donovan on his Strictly Come Dancing ‚journey‘

9. September 2011 – 08:59

Interview (Video)

Jason Donovan talks The War of the Worlds and takes a look back at the 80s

19. November 2010 – 21:14


Donovan Rules Out Neighbours Return

3. November 2010 – 18:56

Jason gab heute im englischen Frühstücksfernsehen (This Morning @ ITV) ein Interview:


UK residents can watch the interview here.

My Secret Life: Jason Donovan, actor & singer, 41

20. März 2010 – 07:47

Interview by Charlotte Philby

Jason @ Petrie’s Hosken Show, 04.02.10

2. Februar 2010 – 16:21

Status update @ Facebook

Priscilla Queen Of The Desert The Musical says:

Tune in to Jason’s interview on LBC 97.3FM about Priscilla this Thursday the 4th from 8-9pm. It is Petrie’s Hosken show.


Interview @ celebrityradio.co.uk

22. Oktober 2009 – 06:05

Anhören / Listen here

Cultural Life: Jason Donovan – Interview by Sophie Sims

3. April 2009 – 14:48

‚I’m not very good at downloading music; I leave that to my wife and the kids‘

Mehr / Mehr

Jasons Woche / … what Jason’s week was like

28. März 2009 – 13:25

„The star of the new musical production of ‚Priscilla, Queen of the Desert‘ describes how his opening week has exceeded all expectations“

My Week: Jason Donovan @www.independent.co.uk

Cast Blog @ priscillathemusical.com

24. März 2009 – 07:00


„I thought taking on this role would be fun. It’s been a lot of fun, but it’s also been a lot of hard work – that’s the honest truth.“

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Sehr selbstkritisch… / A self-critical Jason

3. März 2009 – 12:06

Nur noch eine Woche bis zur Premiere von „Priscilla – Queen of the Desert“. Lest hier das doch sehr selbstkritische Interview:

There’s only one week left before Jason stars in „Priscilla – Queen of the Desert“. A quite self-critical Jason talks to „The Times“ about his role in the musical:

Jason Donovan takes on Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

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