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4. Oktober 2010 – 10:28

On 29th September 2010, Hermjo Klein of ACE Entertainment announced that the January 2011 German national tour of The War of The Worlds – Alive on Stage! was being postponed until December 2011, as a result of their recommendation that the production should be presented in the German language. This was a recommendation which The War of The Worlds Team accepted and preparations for the newly announced production have already begun.

While ACE have already received a positive response on a national basis for the newly announced production, TWOTW Team have also noted via our Forum and Facebook pages, that many ticket holders of the January 2011 tour would still prefer to see the original English production.

This preference appears largely to be coming from fans who have grown up with the original double album and who were wanting to hear and see the 3D holographic performance of Richard Burton as The Journalist, along with two of the album’s original Cast Members performing their roles live – Justin Hayward and Chris Thompson.

TWOTW Team, including Jeff Wayne personally, have been reading all such feedback, including at times, some rather passionate comments (!), which are, in fact, truly appreciated.

It was never the intention to disappoint anyone who has wanted to see The War of The Worlds – Alive on Stage!, and as such, some new arrangements have been put in place for those preferring to see the English production. We hope that these go a good way to addressing the concerns that have been expressed.

With that in mind, alternative to being offered a full refund by ACE Entertainment for their January 2011 tickets, or an automatic exchange for any German-language dates for December 2011, TWOTW Team is also pleased to offer the opportunity to purchase tickets for any performance in Holland, Belgium, Ireland and the UK where the English production is playing.

Anyone who purchases these tickets will also receive VIP passes (one per ticket) for a personal Meet & Greet with Jeff Wayne, as well as a complimentary Tour Programme signed by Jeff.
The tickets being offered are normally reserved for the Media and are being released by our various promoters to help with this unexpected situation.

Additionally, arrangements are being made for any of our January 2011 German Tour Ticketholders to receive preferred rates through our Tour Travel Agent, for any required air flights and hotels to any of the territories where the English production is playing.

Both the ticket package and flight and accommodation offers are being co-ordinated by Senior Member of The War of The Worlds Team – Julia Boyadjieva, at julia@jeffwaynemusic.com Please make contact with Julia, if you wish to take up this offer.

A full list of the 2010 dates can be seen here:

TWOTW Team hope that it has responded quickly to those who have voiced their desire to see The War of The Worlds – Alive on Stage! performed in English and we look forward to welcoming you at any venue you might choose to attend.

Thank you for your understanding and support of Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of The Worlds – Alive on Stage!



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